EasilyDo 3.0 App Review : A Personal Assistant for your Smartphone

EasilyDo 3.0 App Review  

Personal Assistant apps for iOS and Android are in plentiful supply, making managing your calendar and tracking deliveries and receipts as easy as tying your shoelaces. EasilyDo sets itself apart from the competition thanks to a staggering amount of ambition; it simply delivers so much that it’s hard to resist.

Today marks the release of the EasyDo 3.0 for iPhone and Android, delivering a polished interface and bucket loads of new capabilities. If you’re interested in the Personal Assistant range of apps, you’ve simply got to give EasilyDo 3.0 a try.

EasilyDo has much in common with its fellow personal assistant apps. It shares the card-style interface of Google Now, with different cards devoted to different items, ranging from weather to notifications to traffic news. But unlike Google Now, EasilyDo allows you to use non-Google services, including Twitter, Facebook and more.

Conceptually, the EasilyDo 3.0 is similar to smart calendars like Tempo and Sunrise, but connects to your already existing calendar rather than providing a new one. This allows EasilyDo 3.0  to plug in appointments based on invitations in your email. Even if an appointment is only mentioned in a message, EasilyDo will still finds it and remind you about it.

As you scratch beneath EasilyDo 3.0’s surface you find a wealth of excellent features. There’s estimates of the travelling time for your commute, alerts for new emails that meet certain conditions (for example, it alerts you when specific people send you an email). It can even scan your inbox for messages regarding bills in order to remind you to pay them. EasilyDo 3.0 seems to cover pretty much everything, even sending your reminders of upcoming birthdays on Facebook.

EasilyDo 3.0 adds a nice time management feature too: It allows you to set manual reminders that will shows up among your organising cards. This effectively means that EasilyDo 3.0 is the only to-do list app that you’ll need.

The majority of the EasilyDo 3.0’s features are free, but some content does require payment of the premium plan, at the cost of $49 a year or $4.99 a month. The premium plan adds additional features like auto-update information for contacts, alerts for changes to flights, and faster email scanning.

EasilyDo 3.0 isn’t without the odd hiccough. The main issue is that the app is so large it can be somewhat overwhelming. It will take a long time to get a hang of all the app’s different features—but then, that speaks volumes about the amount of content your getting with the app. There are so many features that you’ll need a roadmap just to see them all. This is a minor complaint of a fantastic app, though. All in all, EasilyDo 3.0 is amazing.

OVERALL: 4.5 out of 5.


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