The End of Games Workshop? Big Changes to Warhammer Fantasy Battles

Games Workshop could be nearing its end as the stock price plummets, staff are axed and huge changes are happening to Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

The End of Games Workshop? Big Changes to Warhammer Fantasy Battles

Games Workshop is famous for infuriating customers by upping its prices year on year, turning the Games Workshop magazine into more of a catalogue, replacing its cool and classy white metal models with a cheap-ass bubble-filled material and punishing third party retailers. But let’s throw all that aside for a sec because it seems as though the end could be nigh for this classic game shop.

This video explains the situation in more detail

This should come as no surprise. The way Games Workshop has been operating over recent years has suggested problems, but the latest slew of changes are simply bewildering. Games Workshop is advertising for managers everywhere while axing nearly their entire staff. The new manager they’re hiring for each store will almost singlehandedly be in charge of their store, setting their own opening hours  (which means many Games Workshops are now open only 5 days a week). Good news for the managers though: if they make $80k+ they’ll profit share 20%.

In New Zealand, France and Germany staff are saying goodbye to the company as Headquarter are closing. It’s now next to impossible for people in those countries to grab their minis as Games Workshop, in their infinite wisdom, have already made sure that third parties can’t sell online and shipping overseas is unprofitable.

Big changes are expected to come for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Four armies are rumoured to be losing official support. Got yourself a Beastmen, Tomb King, Bretonnian or Wood Elf army? Bad luck.

Games Workshop magazine White Dwarf will be hit by massive changes too. White Dwarf is being split in two. A weekly publication will cost £2.50 and will include hobby articles and painting guides, and a monthly magazine will feature new product launches.

All these changes are basically down to Games Workshop performing badly. Sales are down 12 percent year on year and the company stock price has just nose dived 25 percent.

The changes are a last ditch attempt to save Games Workshop. A sad day for fans everywhere.



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