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Epoch Review

Epoch is a shooter in the point and click genre in which you play a character with limited movement. You’re given either a limited amount of health or time in which to eliminate the enemies on a map and pass onto the next level.

Gameplay in Epoch is simple and you’ll get to grips with it very quickly. You shoot, throw grenades, use special abilities and fire missiles in order to eliminate enemies. You can move your robot left and right to three different locations on the screen, while jumping by pressing up or ducking by pressing down.

There are many different enemies in Epoch, each of which attacks in unique ways which give rise to some strategy in the game and which also demand quick reflexes as you navigate around lasers, energy beams, grenades and more. The enemies will power up as you progress through the game but you’ll have access to new equipment to help you defeat your opponents.

The graphics in Epoch are great, but they look superior on mobile. The graphics truly bring the battles to life, which is more than can be said about the soundtrack. It’s not exactly an orchestral masterpiece.

The story regards a war taking place in a city. The plot follows the actions of a robot that has been programmed to protect a princess by fighting its robot villains. The war of the city is spreading around the country with no sign of stopping, perhaps wiping out humanity completely. The story is told through voice memos that you intercept throughout the game. These educate you about various characters and the state of the war.

One of the most impressive elements of Epoch is its longevity. You’re definitely getting value here. There are ten levels in the campaign mode and an awesome boss battle to conclude things. There’s also an Arena mode to add some variety.


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