Far Cry 3 Dr. Earnhardt Trailer


With Far Cry 3, Ubisoft and Massive Studios want to take us to an exotic island which soon turns nightmarish as we discover that our lives in danger and we must escape. In the latest trailer they introduce us to Dr. Earnhardt.

There’s so much to love about this trailer and about the way Far Cry 3 is currently shaping up. The island of Far Cry 3 looks stunning, with gorgeous waterfalls, colourful landscapes and all sorts of animal and beasts. The island looks like the perfect picture to escape in for a while. This escape is brought to life, as shown in this trailer, through various vehicles like the truck and the hang-glider an through some awesome characters, such as Dr Earnhardt himself who strikes a delectable chord, being as sinister as he is insane.

Check out the lush landscapes and the vibrant characters of the trailer below. . .


Far Cry 3 Dr. Earnhardt Trailer


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