Far Cry 3 , Vaas and co. Take The Best Action Game BAFTA

Far Cry 3 won the best Action title at the 2013 BAFTA video game awards last night. In a year that featured many excellent action titles, ranging from Battlefield 3 to Borderlands 2 to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, it’s one heck of an achievement for Ubisoft Montreal and Far Cry 3 to walk away with the award.

Far Cry 3’s Vaas and co. walk away with one of the night’s most important awards

Reviews for Far Cry 3 were somewhat varied on release. Numerous British papers like The Guardian and the Telegraph awarded Far Cry 3 100 out of 100 (which seems somewhat over the top) while Destructoid awarded the game a mere 80 out of 100.

Far Cry 3 will likely be remembered for its numerous amazing characters, of which the absolute number one has to be Vaas. Characters don’t come much more intriguing than Vaas. His insanity and over-the-top character were, for many, the gaming highlight of 2012.

Though many video game critics suggested that Far Cry 3 could have been much more original with the gameplay, what we ended up with was a highly memorable, hugely imaginative action game.

Being an organization that likes to award the more artistic side of gaming, it’s easy to see why BAFTA would pick Far Cry 3 as their winner.

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