FarSky (FarSky Interactive) One of the best upcoming indies

In FarSky you play as Nathan, who has the extremely cool job of operating a submarine –puts my job of sitting her pressing buttons to shame. Nathan’s submarine has unfortunately crashed on the ocean floor—okay so being a writer isn’t too bad. To survive and return to the surface, Nathan will need to gather resources from his environment to repair the submarine, but he’ll have to watch his back as he does so as many a fishy predator is out to eat him.

Near where Nathan’s submarine crashed lies an underwater base that Nathan can visit in order to refill oxygen, craft items and make food. If you’re able to gather the right resources, you’ll extend your base and even build new bases farther from your main hub.

Resource collection can be a timely chore, and if you’re lacking patience, like me, you might often get bored in the average resource gathering game. Not so with FarSky; the developer has intelligently included extractors as a construction item that you can build. You can create this extractor, place it somewhere wise, leave it there and allow it to gather resources for you. Then yo can just go back and collect them. As you continue to collect and build you’ll be creating furniture, weapons and various other types of items, each of which requires specific raw materials, as indicated in the crafting menu.

FarSky is in beta; but it is looking like an exceptionally good game. With the Greenlight campaign currently in progress, developer Tim Spekler hopes to complete development in spring. Head over to the developer’s website for more details.


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