Finally Nintendo Are Releasing Their Back-Catalogue of Games

We all know that Nintendo love releasing their old games over and over again. So it’s been somewhat surprising that they haven’t made their back catalogue available on Wii U. Well, according to an anonymous tip we received today, they’re about to do precisely that. . . CONTINUE READING . . . 

Nintendo Brining Classic Mario, Zelda, Kirby And Co Games to Wii U

Here’s what our anonymous source had to say.

“I’m amazed they didn’t do it sooner. People love all those classic Nintendo games. What better way to help sell a few units of Wii U than to make the entire back catalogue available?” It’s the sort of move that Nintendo need to be making right now . “They’re in a lot of trouble as far as the future of their consoles go. It’s been a gradual thing with them failing to keep up with Microsoft and Sony. The one thing Nintendo have in their corner is a huge list of games that people know and love.”

What games can we expect to see?

“They’ll release their back catalogue in parts. To help boost sales of Wii U you can expect to see all Mario games and Zelda games, as well as some other classics too.”

Given that the makers of emulators have for years been having great success by making Nintendo’s back catalogue available, it’s really about time Nintendo did this. No news yet as to any release date, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear.

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