Five Games That Inspire Creativity


Five Games That Inspire Creativity

If you read’s article Positive Psychology of Curiosity: How to be Creative and our article on Creativity Inspiring Movies you will know that curiosity is a constant motivator in life that keeps us feeling young and fresh and engaged with our external environment and naturally leads to a heightened level of creativity. The only thing left is for us to cover the best games that inspire creativity.

Back in November 2011 researchers at Michigan State University found that playing video games was linked to greater creativity, regardless of the type of game played.

Linda Jackson, the professor of psychology at Michigan State  stated that ‘[In the future] games can be designed to optimise the development of creativity while retaining their entertainment.’ Gamers will be quick to note, however, that many games already achieve what Professor Jackson has stated as a goal for the future: merging entertainment with education for creativity.’ To this end, presents the top 5 games that inspire creativity.


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Top Five Games That Inspire Creativity



Scribblenauts is an ingenious game in which the player can write words that will then come to life to help them solve puzzles. For instance, should the player write “UFO” a UFO will appear and change the virtual world, helping them solve puzzles. Naturally, players want to be as imaginative as they can to come up with more and more words they can write to see how they game reacts: they are being educated to use their imagination creatively whilst having a heck of a lot of fun! 

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Unlike other games on this list, Super Mario Galaxy 2 develops a gamer’s creativity indirectly. The players themselves are not the ones being creative, but the design of the levels and the sheer genius of invention that game designer Shigeru Miyamoto brings to objects and shapes in the game is so inspiring that one cannot help but want to be more creative in their lives simply to share in the joy. Well, that and the fact that merely interacting with such a creative work will naturally develop creativity in the player themselves, as is explain in’s article The Benefit of Platform Games.


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