Five Key Benefits of Video Games

Five Key Benefits of Video Games

Games are good. Yes indeed. They’re fun, but more than that, they’re packed full of positive messages and brain training exercises that can dramatically help to improve your mind, your intelligence, your social skills and even your self belief. And we’re not just talking about brain training games here but all games. Yes, despite what many headline-seeking university psychologists in labs might say (see video below for a famous example) in a vain attempt to make a name for themselves, the benefits of video games are real and plentiful and we’re about to prove it with Five Key Ways Gaming Improves Your Life.

Anyone needing to remember just how stupid and headline-seeking these supposedly top-dog psychology researchers who seem to use games as some sort of toy-psychology research topic they treat far too insincerely should take five minutes to remind themselves of this classic comedy video–oh, wait, no, it’s a news report on Fox.

Of course, when one stretches the definition of ‘Video Game’ to literally mean interactive entertainment then there are literally hundreds of ways in which gaming can be a positive influence, whether it’s in personal and professional development (see Lumosity for example), in elementary children development (drawing games for instance) or as part of a structured personal development program. Of course, here on we are far more interested in how mainstream video games benefit the average gamer, how you and I are made better by playing video games.

on the surface games appear to offer but a few obviously apparent benefits; mostly excitement and pleasure. Then, however, there are the psychological benefits, like gaming’s ability to spark our competitive fuses and get us fighting for the top stop not just in games themselves but in business competition and school competitions, in careers and personal life. There’s social benefits, especially now that the gaming community is truly flourishing. Relationships are being born through the gaming community each and every day, both the traditional way and via video game dating websites.  There’s benefits offered to the disadvantaged, with websites caring to gaming for those with disabilities. And though they’re not particularly popular with mainstream gamers, there’s even fitness benefits with Kinect, Wii Fit and more.

Yes, games are good, and if you don’t believe me ask Shelley Carson, a researcher and teacher of Harvard psychology courses. Indeed, games are so good and the benefits they offer so plentiful that trying to select just 5 key psychological benefits of gaming for this article was an arduous chor.

This list is not to be thought of as a “Top 5,” but rather as a taster-to the positivity of games. It has been created with one benefit for each of the main game genres (Shooter, Fighter, Platform, RPG and Adventure). Now, on with the show.




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