Five Video Games Posters of 2012 with Amazing Use of Body Language

In this article, we cover the design and body language of video games posters and character from Assassin’s Creed 3, New SUper Mario Bros.2, Crysis 3 and Resident Evil 6

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In the imagination of a gamer, a character comes to life. But how? The biggest answer to this question lies in the way the character holds their body and how they move. Scientific research proved long ago that the most important part of communication is body language. Whether it’s one person communicating directly to another or a video game character artist communicating a personality through the animation and design of a character, body language is the most important element. These five amazing video games posters of 2012 illustrate just how powerful a sense of character body language can create even in a static image.

The Five Video Game Posters of 2012 with the Best Body Language

Assassin’s Creed 3’s Connor: The way Ubisoft designed the main poster of Connor from Assassin’s Creed 3 has some excellent use of body language. The way his hands are open and hes shoving his chest forward created a message of threat and power saying “Come at me, I’ll kill you.” His head held high and pointing directly towards the camera creates a sense of impact. And then there’s the strong sense of movement created by the position of his legs. Everything about this poster is awesome, and it gives Assassin’s Creed 3’s Connor a great sense of power just from one static image.


Resident Evil 6 Leon: Capcom have designed the poster for Leon in Resident Evil 6 to have a great sense of direction. The poster is of Leon pointing his gun towards the camera at an angle. The direction is created by two oppositely pointing lines. The first line points towards the camera and is created byLeon’s gun, arm and line of sight. The second line comes away from the camera and is formed by his chest, shoulders and head.


Because of these two lines, Leon appears to be attacking a target (with the gun) while defending himself (by moving his body backwards). It’s a great example of how body language can be used to create a sense of movement in a static picture.

You’ll notice many other video games posters using similar techniques. The Crysis 3 poster is near identical, for example (at least in terms of how the character in the poster forms two lines with their body to create a sense of movement).


New Super Mario Bros 2. Cover: On the cover to New Super Mario Bros 2. Mario has a striking amount of joy and gaiety about him, but how has the artist created that joy? It’s been created by the sense of upward movement in the poster.


Any time we see a person performing what in body language is called “Gravity defying movements” we know that that person is happy. Whether it’s lifting our arms high in the air as we walk, having a bounce in our step, lifting our lips high in an exaggerated smile or raising the eyebrows, all these moves show happiness. And guess what? In this poster, Mario does every ingle one of them. He’s the happiest plumber in the world in this shot!

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