Games Like Out There

In our list of games like Out There you’ll find plenty of hard space simulation games and other indie games to fulfill your Out There-related thirst.

Out There is a brutal take on space, with things going completely wrong and completely out of control. You’re going to die. This is a sci fi space simulation game all about survival. You find yourself in the mid 22nd century. Earth is going up the crapper, running out of resources (hey, guys, it was bound to happen). But we’ve developed a faster than light mode of travel (which probably means we can now make the kessel run is less than twelve parsecs).

Deep space is hard, and to make matter worse you receive crazy messages from someone unknown from a place lightyears away. Getting there isn’t going to be easy. In fact it’s going to be painfully hard, so hard you might just use the ejector seat and kill yourself–but dont because death is permanent. Instead you’re going have to play smart, keeping an eye on your three stats–fuel, oxygen and hull. Every action you take will deduct some points from one of those stats, so if you make too many moves you’re screwed. Thankfully there are planets you can land on to restock. But jumping between planets is a difficult choice as you’ll use your resources. And so we come to the heart of the game: strategy. You need to make smart moves to get from A to B without running out of anything. It’s a tough game that will force you to make smart decisions.

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 Games like Out There

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