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America’s Army 3 is the third game in the AA series and is a very unique game, being created by the US Army to help with the recruitment process. Because it has been viewed as a political game and as an incentive for gamers to get involved with the army, many critics have slammed AA as an immoral use of gaming. But at the same time, America’s Army 3’s realism makes it a highly popular and unforgettable game.

The first version of Americ’s Army was released for PC on July 4th 2002. Since then there have been 41 updates to the game, including Proving Grounds, which was released in 2013. America’s Army 3 uses the Unreal Engine to create a highly realistic game.

America’s Army 3 is the official game of the U.S army and so is must more realistic than virtually all other games in its genre, using authentic training, weapons, technology and audio. The graphics in America’s Army 3 is highly realistic, with excellent lighting effects that truly bring to life the team based gameplay. Players are made to honour the Rules of Engagement, just as real army soldiers are.

America’s Army 3 offers team-based multiplayer action across 15 maps and missions, with advanced training. There is also the option to customise your gear.


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