Games Like Aarklahh Legacy

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Aarklash Legacy is set in a world of fighting between the forces of Darkness, Light and Destiny. The fighting has bee going on since the beginning of time. At the centre of the conflict are mercenaries who have been blamed for crimes against Lion of Alanan. The mercenaries believe they are in the right and will fight for their justice. Each mercenary will go on an adventure to discover the secrets of the game’s world. On their paths they will fight many enemies and overcome many obstacles.

Aarklash Legacy is inspired by the figurines of Confrontation. It is a tactical adventure game . You take control of a team of four characters and have them go out into battle across the fantasy world. You’ll use many different weapons and powers, which you will improve through looting and through experience. You’ll also need to interact between your different characters, creating bonds in the game.


  • Epic campaign
  • Inspired by Confrontation
  • Use pause to choose tactics
  • Change your characters to create teams of 4 from 8 different characters


Games Like Aarklash Legacy

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