25 Games Like Abobos Big Adventure


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About Abobo’s Big Adventure

Freeware parody game Abobo’s Big Adventure is based on various NES games and stars Abobo, one of the bosses from Double Dragon, who travels through different worlds in order to save the life of his son.

Abobo’s Big Adventure begins with the main character’s son being kidnapped. The game then proceeds to parody many different retro games, ranging from Double Dragon to Super Mario Bros to Zelda and beyond.

The main aim of the gameplay is to use Double Dragon’s Abobo to save your son. The game is split into many different sub-genres, meaning it is constantly changing. This keeps the game feeling fresh. Along the way you’ll play through levels which are reminiscent from Double Dragon, Super Mario Bros., Zelda, Mega Man and more.

Because of Abobo’s Big Adventure’s parodying of old games, it has become a fan favourite with retro gamers.

To play Abobo you use the arrows keys and ‘A’ and ‘S’ to perform functions which vary depending on which level you are playing. Most of the games are single player only, except for the Conra level “Contra Abobo.”

Abobo’s Big adventure is certain to please fans of older games. There are so many different game styles that there is something in Abobo’s Big Adventure for everyone. Read our complete list of games like Abobo’s Big Adventure below.


Games like Abobo’s Big Adventure

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