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About Abuba The Alien

Anytime NASA send people into space they make sure they are fully prepared for the ordeal. They are trained, given masters degrees, pilot licenses and are subjected to tons of vigorous training. This is to ensure that they can survive the ordeal of going into space. But aliens don’t see it that way. Aliens send any unsuspecting old sap off into space. One such alien is Abuba the Alien, star of this point and click adventure game.

Abuba the Alien is scared, hungry and exhausted after his ordeal of being blasted into space. He want to be like ET and go home. And it’s up to you, the player, to help him to get there. To do this you’ll be finding Abuba The Alien snacks and warmth and finding some way for Abuba The Alien to phone home.

  Abuba the Alien takes place in a little neighborhood. There, you will need to find various objects and combining them in order to make new objects. If this all sounds cute it isn’t. Abuba is a mistreated little guy and you need to help him get home.    

One of the charms of Abuba the Alien is that it has the feel of a Saturday morning cartoon. The art is vivid and atmospheric and little animations bring the screens to life. All is geared towards a younger audience, with cutesy presentation and easy gameplay.  Find more games like Abuba The Alien below.

PLAY ABUBA THE ALIEN or find games like Abuba the Alien below.


Games Like Abuba The Alien

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