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About Accel World

Accel world is a games based around a Japanese anime. It is available for both the PSP and for PS3. ¬†There are two games in the series, which follow back to back. For the rest of this write-up I’ll be focussing on the second game, Kosoku no Chouten. This game starts with Kuroyukihime revealing that she’s going to London when she finishes graduation. Much like the original game, this then spirals into a narrative about a fight against Chrome Disaster.

Accel World is not a fighting game but rather a dating simulation adventure game in which you press the circle button a lot to read dialogue, in typical virtual novel style. The gameplay is very repetitive. In adventure mode you talk to other characters and you go on dating simulations which involved rock / paper / scissors decisions.

There are also Brain Burst battles you get to level up your character’s stats. There’s also¬†Akihabara Battle Ground which is a tournament in which you can win money. There’s also territory battles where you pick an area and have a 3 on 3 fight. This adds absolutely nothing to the story but it does at least add something more to the gameplay.

To be honest, the gameplay here is pretty drab. The main reason you’ll be playing the game is for the story, which is entertaining and which fans of the anime series are certain to love. It’s not a perfect game, far from it, but it is unique and does offer a new gaming experience. Read below for more games like Accel World.
PLAY Accel World -Ginyoku no Kakusei- [Limited Edition] [Japan Import]

Games Like Accel World

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