25 Games Like Ace Combat Assault Horizon for Ps3, Xbox 360, PC

Discover the best games like Ace Combat Assault Horizon for PS3, XBox 360, PC and more, at the bottom of this page. 

About Ace Combat 

The Ace Combat series is a flight simulator style action game that includes 18 different titles (the best, IMO, being Ace Combat Assault Horizon). It was made by video game developer Namco Bandai games and has become one of the best flight simulator games.

Ace Combat games take place in fictional worlds, with fictional countries and fictional people, so as to avoid any political connotations. However, some of the events that take place in Ace Combat games are loosely based on real events and real places.

One of the main reasons why Ace Combat games are so popular is that they allow you to fly in a multitude of different aircraft. The planes plane models are realistic portrayal of modern fighter planes and prototypes that never saw the light of day. The final bosses, however, are entirely fictional, science fiction style super weapons that are highly over the top.

Ace Combat was born on the PSOne and then saw games on PS3 and XBox 360, then later 3DS.

As you would expect from a flight simulator, there are two main aims of Ace Combat. The first is to get the physics of the plane right so that it feels like you truly are flying the aircraft. The second aim is to create excellent graphics that bring to life the feeling of soaring through the sky. On both accounts the majority of Ace Combat games have succeeded through the year. For this, the games have achieved a lot of support and there is a hardcore Ace Combat community.

Definitely one of the best series in the flight simulator action genre, if this is your thing, you’d do well to try the series out. Find more games like Ace Combat Assault Horizon below.
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Games Like Ace Combat assault Horizon

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