25 Games Like Afro Samurai

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About Afro Samurai 

Afro Samurai is based around the graphic novel and follows two of the novels main characters, Afro and Ninja Ninja. Afro witnessed the murder of his father when he was young by Justice, who sought to steal the head band warn by Afro’s father. Wearing the Number One headband makes a character the strongest warrior in the world. Afro now seeks to get the Number Two headband and use it to avenge his father’s death.

This awesome story is, naturally, based around the novel, but the game explores a new storyline, offering new fights, new characters and new scenarios. Oh, and Samuel L Jackson is in it.

Obviously, in terms of story its difficult to find too many games like Afro Samurai, but what about the gameplay?

It’s an adventure game from the third person perspective in which you hack and slash through enemies in many gloriously bloody ways. The dynamic death system really brings the death to life in stunning visual sequences. You can cut into your opponents in all different styles in real time combat and cut off various parts of their bodies. Cool. And of course, in this sense it’s easy to find many games like Afro Samurai, games with cool death sequences (more on that below).

So, all in all, Afro Samurai is a visually captivating ode to death starring an Afro and based on a graphic novel. It oozes coolness, basically. Find more games like Afro Samurai below.
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Games Like Afro Samurai


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