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About Afterburner 

Afterburner is one of the most awesome arcade games of all time. If you’re anything like me you’ll remember being a kid and feeling like Tom Cruise in Top Gun as you tore your way through pixelated sky blowing the crap out of enemy fighter planes. You may have even heard “highway to the Dangerzone” in your head while you played.

Afterburner is a classic Sega Am2 arcade flight simulator arcade game designed by legendary video game designer Yu Suzuki. In the game you piloted a F-14 using a special joystick and, in the arcade version, playing in a moving seat. Awesome. The game rightly saw a couple of sequels though none were as good as the original.

So, you’re piloting your F-14 Tomcat (coolest plane ever probably) and destroying tons of enemy fighters across eighteen stages.you’ll be using your missiles and your machine gun to shoot the shi* out of enemy aircraft.

If you were lucky, your local arcade had the cockpit version of the game in which you sit in a cockpit, just to add a little bit of even more quality and style to the game. The cockpit added awesome stereo sound. Yeah, sounds lame now, but you know that back in 1992 is was all kinds of sick.

Sadly, you can’t play the arcade game anymore (unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that actually still has retro arcade cabinets). But you can play the console versions, and they are highly recommended for the retro-goodness that oozes from their discs.

“You can be my wingman anytime.” ¬†“Bullshit. You can be mine.” <— ¬†classic 80s goodness.

Play After Burner: Black Falcon –

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