Games like Age of Mythology: Best Real Time Strategy Games

Games like Age of Mythology are the best Real Time Strategy games in the world. Here are the best games like Age of Mythology (and the best Real Time Strategy games) that I personally recommend.


Games like Age of Mythology 1: Age of Mythology

In a nutshell: Spin-off of the original Age of Empires game made by the same developer. Metacritic scored it 89%. You build towns, gather resources, build your army etc. . . .all the things you would expect from Age of Mythology, just updated.

Games Like Age of Mythology 2: Ages of Empires Online

In a nutshell: MMO game which is free to play and availble on Steam. One of the biggest games in the “Age of Empires” series, with harvesting, construction, unlockable technology and the customary battles. Includes co-op and PVP battles.

Games like Age of Mythology 3: Social Empires

In a nutshell:   Facebook based Real Time Strategy title that is free to play and is a lot like Age of Empires.  Create your empire, construct your buildings, develop your army. . . etc. You start with a small camp then grow until you conquer the world.

Games like Age of Mythology 4: Rise of Nations

In a Nutshell:  Super popular RTS from 2003 that is still highly played. Developed by Brian Reynolds who worked on Civilization.  You choose 1 of 18 civilizations and lead them across 8 stages of world history.  Features unique elements like “Auto Citizens” (they automatically collect resources) . Earned a metacritic score of 89%.

Games like Age of Mythology 5: Starcraft 2

In a nutshell: Best Real Time Strategy game ever? Quite possibly. The second in the most important strategy game series of all time, if you’re a RTS fan and you somehow don’t play Stracraft then go . . . go on. . . run to the nearest copy of SC2 and play it right now. . .that’s an order.

Games like Age of Mythology 6: Empire Earth

In a nutshell: Popular RTS almost exactly like Age of Mythologies. Originally released in 2001 it spawned sequels in 2005 and 2007.  It’s very typical RTS gameplay but a solid exponent of everything you love about the genre.   


More games like Age of Mythoogy


The Matrix: Path Of Neo

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos
The Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle-Earth
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
Starcraft II: Wings Of Liberty
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

Star Wars: Battlefront II
Command & Conquer
Civilization IV

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