25 Games Like Alan Wake for Ps3, XBox 360 and PC

Find the best games like Alan Wake for XBox 360, PS3 and PC in our list below. 

ABOUT Alan Wake 

Alan Wake was create by video game developer Remedy and is a third-person action adventure psychological game originally released for XBox 360 in 2010 and then later for PC.

Alan Wake is styled in the manner of a TV series with episodes in a style reminiscent of Twin Peaks. You play as Alan Wake, a triller novelist suffering from writers block. In the hope of curing his writers block Alan Wake has taken a vacation to Bright Falls. his wife Alice disappears and it is up to Alan to find her. To do this, he must use light to uncover the game’s world, unravel the mystery and find his wife.

Alan Wake was followed up by two DLCs, which are essentially episodes of the game, The Writer and The Signal.

Alan Wake is all about combat for which you must use a combination of light and guns to fend off the Taken and various objects. You can use a flashlight to attack the Taken or a gun that uses light, e.g a flare. By turning on generators you can use the nearby lights as weapons and to create safe spots.

The flashlight is your best tool, which is better than the weapons. You also have supernatural abilities which allow you to focus through the flashlight.As you play your flashlight will advance from a standard flashlight to a heavy duty flashlight and later on a lantern. You can also use conventional weapons like shotguns and hand pistols.

Games Like Alan Wake for Ps3, XBox 360 and PC : See below for more games like Alan Wake for PS3, XBOX 360 and PC.

Games Like Alan Wake for Ps3, XBox 360 and PC

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