Games Like Animal Crossing: Play The Best Games Like animal Crossing

Looking for the best games like Animal Crossing? You’ve come to the right place. Here are the best games like Animal Crossing that I personally recommend. And if the games below don’t saciate you, you can always find more in our list of the best life simulation games.

Games Like Animal Crossing #1: Viva Pinata

If you love bright and beautiful visuals then you will absolutely adore Viva Pinata. Viva Pinata brings the papier-mache objects to life and turns them into extremely cute characters. It’s your job to find a home for the creatures by turning a plot of land into a garden that they can all live in.

Games like Animal Crossing 2: Harvest Moon

When Harvest moon was first released it was ont of the most innovative titles gamers had ever seen. It was released in 1996 for SNES.

In Harvest Moon, it’s your mission to build a farm and make it successful by doing the necessary jobs and chores around the farm.

Harvest Moon became a cult classic and is now available for less than $5 on iTunes.

Games like Animal Crossing #3: Sims Series

The Sims is the most successful gaming series of all time and partly responsible for the rise of EA and their now tyrannous gaming empire.

I don’t know how many versions of the Sims there are, but safe to say that a lot have been released over the past 10 years, along with expansion packs and add-ons.

If you love virtual life games and you somehow haven’t played The Sims yet, then you need to, right now. . . go on, just leave the page here and go play.

Games Like Animal Crossing #4 L Rune Factory

Rune Factory is a Harvest Moon spin-off. Much like that game, Rune Factory has you building and maintaining a farm. You’ll be looking after lifestock and crops and trying to turn the farm into a success.

Rune Factory is full of dungeon and enemies and beautiful lands on which to develop your farm. As you play you’ll be fishing, creating items, cooking, setting up festivals and more. Rune Factory is available on PS3 and Wii.


Games like Animal Crossing #5: Happy Street

Happy Street is the best games like Animal Crossing for mobile devices. This title is super cute and allows you to create a village with the goal of making all the inhabitants happy (it doesn’t get much cuter than that).

The game follows Billy, Pepin and Zoe as they set out on adventures. You’ll be resource gathering, doing jobs, creating items and building your village.

Seriously, check out how cute this trailer is. 

Games Like Animal Crossing 6: Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times

The last of our games like Animal Crossing is Magician’s Quest. The theme here is actually a little different to Animal Crossing. This game for DS is a fantasy adventure that features a lot of different simulation aspects.

The game has also been called Enchanted Folk. In it, you master spells to earn your magician’s license. To get there you’ll have to go through Magix Academy, which contains over 150 students.

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