25 Games Like APB Reloaded for PC, Mac, PS3 and XBox 360

Find the best Games Like APB Reloaded for PC, Mac, PS3 and XBox 360 in our list below. 

About APB Reloaded 

APB Reloaded is a MMOG game by video game develop Realtime Worlds, who also made Crackdown. APB Reloaded is set in a modern urban environment and pits law officers against gangs as both aim to destroy one another. One of the major differences between this and other games like APB Reloaded is that APB rewards the player for their skill, not for their time.

APB Reoladed contains 50+ hours of gameplay out of the box and unlimited time in social districts. Once you run out of game time you have to purchase another 20 hours for $7. Extended game time can also be acquired by selling customised designs for points.

APB changes the traditional XP system by using a Prestiged ranking system for officers and a Notoriety ranking for criminals. You can rise or fall in both ranks, meaning you get rewarded for playing your class as intended. Successful arrests are rewarded by points for officers where escaping the law increases rank for criminals. An in game currency provides lots of customisation offers.

APB Reloaded also offers different professions and you can earn in-game currency for doing jobs. There are tons of custom items too, from vinyl to artwork and clothing.

APB Reloaded is set in San Paro, a fictional metropolis divided into three districts, the Financial district, Waterfont and Social district. Combat takes place in the former two districts with the Social District being used for clan building, optimisation and socialising.

The Financial district is full of skyscrapers that force you to leave your vehicle and partake in fire fights. The Waterfront District has wide roads and a coastline, allowing for car chases, and the Social District  is all about player interaction, with a population cap of 250.

APB Reloaded is one of the coolest MMOGs out, with tons of customisation options, solid combat and good player interaction. Find more games like APB Reloaded below.

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Games like APB Reloaded

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