Games Like Audiosurf : Best Music Based Games

Looking for games like Audiosurf and other great music based puzzle games? Find them below.

What is Audiosurf?

Audiosurf is a puzzle rhythm game created by independent video games developer Invisible Handlebar. The stages of the game are created so as to reproduce the music being played while the player races through lanes collecting coloured blocks. The game won the Excellence in Audio Award at the Independent Games Festival 2008.  

Here are the best games like Audiosurf

Games like Audiosurf 1: Beat Hazard

Beat Hazard allows you to experience your music as never before. The game is an arcade shooter that’s driven by music. Each song you play generates its own level. You play as a spaceship that is powered up by music.  This is one of the only games that are genuinely like Audiosurf.

Games like Audiosurf 2: Bit Trip Beat

One of the coolest game names ever, Bit Trip Beat is an arcade music video game from the brilliant publisher Gaijin Games. It’s available on WiiWare and was released in 2009.

 Games Like Audiosurf 3: Guitar hero Aerosmith

Guitar Hero Aerosmith is a another music game available for PS3, 360 and Wii. It’s Guitar Hero. . . what more do you need to know. . . ?

 Games Like Audiosurf 4: Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars was released in 2007 and is based on the TV show Dancing with the Stars (in case that wasn’t totally obvious).

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