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About Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac is an indie video game created by video game developer Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl in just two months. The brevity of the development, however, belies the games quality. Binding of Isaac sets itself one game design aim: to be fresh every time anyone plays it. To achieve this, Binding of Isaac uses roguelike game design and permadeath to create dungeons that are unique each and every time.

Binding of Isaacs controls are similar to shooters that use duel sticks, thoug hit does not actually use a stick. It uses WASD to move and arrow keys to fire. You can use a controller if you design a key-mapper on your PC, but the default controls are all with the keyboard.

Binding of Isaac is packed full of upgrades, abilities and items that affect the way you play the game. You’ll power up as you play across five different chapters, nine levels and a total of forty two different bosses.

The story of Binding of Isaac begins with Isaac’s mother, a religious woman, becoming mentally ill and hearing voices. She has taken away Isaac’s sons in order to purify his spirit and she is intent on sacrificing Isaac to appease God. Isaac escapes to the basement, which is full of monsters, but to truly overcome his horror he must confront his mum. Clearly, it’s a very unique quasi  -spiritual theme laden with dabs of schizophrenia.

Gameplay of Binding of Isaac is like the original Zelda with roguelike dungeons and a levelling system. There are items and weapons to collect, treasure room, shops and lots of bosses. There are also puzzles that you can complete to unlock items.

Binding of Isaac is one of the most interesting games out there. Its notability has left many gamers seeking out more games like Binding of Isaac. You can find the best games like Binding of Isaac in our list below. If you happen to know any other great games like Binding of Isaac, please get in touch via a comment. Thanks.

Games like Binding of Isaac 

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