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About Black

Black is a classic PS2 and XBox first person shooter that was made by video game developer Criterion games and published under EA . It was later released as an XBox Live game in February of 2008. The entire purpose of Black is to faithfully recreate guns. Black is full of realistic and highly detailed gun models which you can use to blow up destructible environments in a complete over the top way not dissimilar to a Hollywood action movie.

While Black has achieved a cult following for being a celebration of guns, it’s also been highly criticised for a very shallow story. The story only lasts for about four hours and there isn’t even a multiplayer, which you would naturally expect from this sort of game.  Somehow, Black is ridiculously small, even though it took a whopping four years to make. Goodness knows where all those production hours went.

One of the best things about Black is its game engine, which really brings the guns to life and makes them ultra realistic. You’ll definitely get a legitimate sense of blowing stuff up. But that’s about all you will get.

The gameplay is as simple as the rest of the game. Go from one point to another while completing a series of unimaginative objectives. Honestly, there is only one reason why you would ever get this game, and that is for the guns. If you love guns, get it if you don’t, don’t; it’s that simple.
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