25 Games like Block Story

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About Block Story

Block Story is another of the many Minecraft-esque games that have come into popularity over recent years. It’s a sandbox game but also adds many new elements to the genre, combining crafting with dragons, role playing game mechanics and other elements to create a new and unique experience.

As you play around in your sandbox environment you will be able to build different ecosystems in which you can summon many different creatures to join you in combat. As with most role playing games, the more you play the more you will level up, making you stronger in combat so you can take on tougher opponents. Block Story is cross platform compatible, meaning that if you have the PC game you will be able to continue playing on mobile and other systems. Essentially, you can play wherever you go.

Block Story does what all truly great games do. It takes the best elements of one genre and combines them with the best elements of another genre to create a new experience. Plus, there’s dragons, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love dragons?

Be sure to check out our list of the best games like Block Story in our list below.
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Games like Block Story

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