25 Games like Bomberman, Online and for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and More

If you’re a fan of Bomberman, be sure to check out our list of the best games like Bomberman for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and other systems below.

About Bomberman

Bomberman is a maze based strategic game that was originally released way back in 1983 and has seen over 70 iterations on practically every games system known to man. It was made by video game developer Hudson Soft and has become one of the most epic series of games of all time. Not only has there been over seventy different Bomberman games, but there’s also a manga and an anime series.

In practically every Bomberman game your mission is to place bombs strategically in order to eliminate your enemies and to blow up obstacles. Bombs blow one another meaning that you can create combos of bombs, but bombs will also kill your own character and destroy powerup. Bombs can also aggravate the exit which leads more enemies to be spawned.

The vast majority of Bomberman games have multiplayer modes where you are in opposition to other Bombermen and you win when you’re the last bomberman standing. In multiplayer mode there are always tons of power-ups and your strategic use of power-ups is often what makes you win or lose. Other Bomberman games also include adventures in the Zelda style, platform games like Mario, puzzles games like Tetris and Mario Kart style racers.

Bomberman has become an iconic video game series and has many hardcore players who play with all the sincerity of chess champions. For more great games like Bomberman see our list of games like Bomberman below.

Games like Bomberman, Online and for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and More

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