Games Like Broken Sword: The Best Adventure Games Like Broken Sword

IN this list of the best games like Broken Sword we’ve chosen games for a variety of reasons.

First off, being a game in the Adventure games genre, we have naturally first looked to some great adventure games. Being a retro style games, we’ve looked at some great retro titles too.

On of the things that makes Broken Sword unique is its story, which is modern and revolves around a lawyer and a journalist. For this reason we’ve also considered games that feature fairly modern stories.

So, what are the best games like Broken Sword?


Games like Broken Sword

Monkey Island game


Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis,

Agetha Christies – Murder on the Orient Express

Dreamfalls the longest journey

Kings Quest series,

Day of the Tentacle,

Space Quest series

Gabriel Knight,

The Dig,


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