25 Games Like Bully Scholarship Edition for PS3, XBox 360, Pc and more

If you’re a fan of games like Bully Scholarship edition be sure to check out our list of games like Bully below. 

About Bully  (for the list of games like Bully see below) 

Bully is an open world game in which you play as troubled teenager Jimmy Hopkins, who absolutely hates authority figures and bullies. Jimmy has been kicked out every school he’s been in and is now at Bullworth Academy, a prestigious private school. Throughout Bully you’ll deal with Jimmy’s many confrontations with cliques and teachers.

The story of Bully is divided into six chapters, in which Jimmy makes friends, gets the preppies on his side, deals with a girl who is cheating on her boyfriend, and does other typical school-based things.

The gameplay of Bully is based largely on Grand Theft Auto (it’s made by GTA video game developer Rockstar Games). A targeting system is added to the combat to make it a little bit like Manhunt. There are also a lot of different mini-games where Jimmy is in one class or another. When you complete these mini games you’ll essentially level-up, learning new skills and abilities.

If Bully is like GTA in gameplay, though, it’s nothing like it in size. Bully is a much smaller and more subdued game with less violence than GTA. Bully received a lot of critical attention after release, with many saying that it was an unsuitable theme to base a game around and that Rockstar were capitalising on bullying in school, which is immoral. Of course whether you agree with that or not is an entirely subjective matter.

Because of Bully’s unique theme, there aren’t many games like Bully, at least not thematically. In our list below you can find the best games like Bully, and if you know of any other games like Bully, please leave us a comment so we can improve the list. Thanks.


Games like Bully

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