25 Games Like Caesar 1 2 3 and 4 on Android, PC, Mac and More


If you’re a fan of games like Caesar be sure to read our list of the best historical strategy games ever.

About Caesar

Caesar is a game by video game developer Tilted Mill Entertainment. A city building game set in the historical setting of ancient Rome, Caesar falls in a popular genre of historical city building games. There are many games like Caesar, and you can find more games like Caesar in our list below.

All games in the Caesar series are about building a city in ancient Rome. Caesar sets itself apart from other games in the genre through detailed city building and a realistic portrayal of its setting.

Ceasar 4 reinvented the Caesar series by adding realistic 3D graphics and isometric 3D graphics. This allowed Caesar 4 to create a much more realistic sense of ancient Rome. Players are able to get a great view of their constructions and this helps to create more a sense of reward to the gameplay. Casear 4 also introduced road building and the ability to lay roads at 45 degree angles. This allowed for more creativity in the design of cities and in their layouts.

Because Caesar 4 is a city building game there are many games like Caesar. The most popular of all these games is Sim City, EA’s giant and hugely popular city building game, which has seen numerous iterations in its series. We’ve compiled a list of the best games like Caesar below. If you happen you know of more great games like this one, please get in touch via a comment below and we will be pleased to add the game to the list. Thank you.

Games like Caesar

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