Games Like Civilization: The Best Strategy Games Like Civilization

You’ll find a list of games like Civilization and the  best strategy games on the next page, but first let’s take a look at what makes games like Civilization so amazing.



Intro to the video games design of games like Civilization

Turn-based strategy games like Civilization are the fan favourites of gamers who love more intellectual styles of play.

The gameplay of a turn-based strategy game like civilization is largely based on managerial skills. Players must control their forces in realistic ways that are based off of real life military tactics. The best examples of this style of gameplay is found in Tactical role-playing games like Poxnora, King’s Bounty, uTanks and Battle for Wesnorth, not to mention, of course, Civilization. 

The original Turn Based Strategy Games like Civilization 

At first, Turn Based Strategy games were based around historic battles. But it wasn’t long before game developers began to create TBSs around fictional battles.

Sit Meier has confirmed that Civilization (and thereby other games like Civilization) was based around an old board game which was also called Civilization. The game was created by Hartland Trefoil, a company in the UK, back in 1980.

Meier was actually the third video game designer to design a computer version of the 1980s board game, but the other two designs were cancelled.

The original design of Civilization was as a real -time game, but Meier considered it to be too similar to other strategy games at the time and so changed the system to a TBS.

The decision to do so was a remarkable success. Not only did Civilization end up becoming one of the best games of all time, it also spawned a whole industry of other games like Civilization, which reveal on the next page.

Games like Civilization


Stormfall Age of War 

Stormfall Age of War is a Facebook strategy game created by game developer Plarium. It is a mid-core strategy game in which you must build your own castle town by raiding the AI installations and taking part in multiplayer combat. The plot of Stormfall: Age of War is minimalist and takes players through a series of campaigns narrated by a sarcastic adviser. There are lots of different mechanics to get to grips with, as there are in most strategy games, and there are many tutorials to help you get to grips with things.

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