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About Club Cooee

Club Cooee is a social networking chat room which is certain to please fans of games like Second Life and IMVu. The games was published by Cooee GmbH and is highly popular with many thousands of players online.

Like other games like Clue Cooee, this game is full of tons of different mini games and allows you to create your own unique chat room. As you would expect, you are also able to create and to customise your own avatar so that you can recreate yourself and create any personality you like.

One of the ways in which Club Cooee is different to similiar games is that it runs on your dekstop. This makes for a fascinating gaming experience because you have tons of different avatars walking around your own desktop.

As you would expect, the focus of this game is on the social element and there are lots of different people to meet and to chat with. Whenever you go online you are bound to meet new people because the community is extremely large.  No matter what you’re into, you’ll find like-minded people.

The ability to embed both videos and pictures adds an extra element to Club Cooee and you can also link to your social media profiles. You can also decorate your home and include your own music with a DJ.  Other players can then vote on your music.

Club Cooeee points can also be earned by doing tasks in the community and also by referring friends. With a huge community and lots of different things to do, Club Cooee is one of the best games of its kind.


Games Like Club Cooee

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