25 Games Like Cookie Clicker for PC, Android, Mac and iPhone

If you’re a fan of Cookie Clicker be sure to check out our list of games like Cookie Clicker for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone, at the bottom of the page. 

About Cookie Clicker : Cookie Clicker is a minimalist browser based RPG which is abstract in theme. Check it out here: PLAY COOKIE CLICKER 


Games Like Cookie Clicker by Theme / Genre

RPG: At its heart, Cookie Clicker is an RPG games. Sure, it’s stripped of all the graphics, it’s minimalist and you don’t fight any huge monsters or level up your character. But the basic gameplay ingredients of Cookie Clicker are solidly based in the RPG genre. For more great RPG games, see our list of the best RPG GAMES


Minimalistic: Screw graphics. Who needs them? Cookie Clicker takes away all the graphics and presents itself mostly through a very simple text interface. Though this is something of a rarity in gaming, there are several notable games with similar design. For more, see our selection of the best minimalist games. 


Text: As we mentioned above, Cookie Clicker is designed with a simple text interface. If you love text based games, you can find tons more of them in our selection of the best text games. 


Parody: Cookie Clicker is also something of a parody. It pokes fun at RPG games and overly complex games in general. Many independent game developments do the same thing. Find more here: Parody games.


Still not what you’re looking for? Okay, here’s our choices of the best games like Cookie Clicker.


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