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Looking for the best games like Cube World? All the games in our list of games like Cube World have similar video game design, most being related to the voxel based RPG genre. If you like Cube World we’re certain you will love all the games in our list of games like Cube World. Find it below.

About Cube World

Cube World is a lot like Minecraft, a sandbox construction game using cubes, but Cubeworld also adds RPG elements and procedurally generated worlds to create something a little different.

Cube World was released in part of the explosion of games with procedurally generated worlds. It soon gained a large following thanks to its innovative approach to a popular genre of games. Cube World takes the basic sandbox gameplay and adds various RPG elements like equipment, races and skills, and also proceduraly generated dungeons like those found in roguelike games.

The character creation options in Cube World are impressive and allow you to truly create your own personalities in game. By taking elements that are similar to Zelda, and other elements similar to Minecraft, and combining them into something new, Cube World created an immersive and hugely popular game.

As you would expect from games in this genre, crafting and exploration are hugely important. You can create all sort of things, like armour and weapons and more.

In our list of games like Cube World (below, you will find the best sandbox crafting games with RPG elements. If you happen to know of any other games like Cube World, please let us know in a comment below.


Games like Cube World

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