25 Games Like Dark Souls 2 for XBox 360, PS3, PC, Mac and More

If your’e a fan of Dark Souls be sure to check out our list of games like Dark Souls for PX, XBox 360, PS3 and more below.

About Dark Souls

Dark Souls is the creation of video game developer FromSoftware. A fantasy RPG, Dark Souls is renowned for its extremely hard difficutly level and permadeath. Released in 2011, Dark Souls is an extremely difficult game with lethal combat and a lack of information. It doesn’t tell you waht to do or how to do it, rather the purpose is to discover things for yourself while dying a lot. In order to survive you’ll need to be patient and to utilise good levels of critical thinking.

The story of Dark Souls is set a long time ago in a world full of fog and dragons. Various beings came to life in this world and challenged the dragonsbut darkness spread over the world. It is now plagued by the undead who have gone mad. You are one of the undead and you awaken in an asylum to fulfill a long told prophercy.

Dark Souls provides an expansive world and is an extremely large game with very complex video game design aspects. There are various regions around the world which are interconnected by routes and hubs. You will often have the option of taking various routes and must decide the best way to go.

Because Dark Souls is very difficult it makes use of a continuous save system. The game saves itself every few seconds so you never lose progress. This is important due to death. When you die you drop all the souls and loot you have collected and you change to hollow form. If you can return to the spot where you died you will be able to collect the leftovers from your previous life.

Dark Souls is always online and you will often encounter other players in your adventure. You can place messages on the ground in order to warn other players of threats and enemies, making cooperatively play important.

Dark Souls is a brilliant fantasy RPG with a compelling difficulty level. Check out our list of games like Dark Souls velow.

Games like Dark Souls

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