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About Earn To Die 

Road trips. They’re always a laugh, right? But what about a road trip that you’ve been forced to go on because otherwise zombies will kill you? Yeah, not so funny now. Earn to Die has you playing as an unnamed character who is trying to get across the desert in order to escape a zombie apocalypse. There’s a military helicopter waiting on the other side of the desert to save you. So, yeah, basically, “Get to da CHOPPA!”  😀

But getting to da choppa isnt that easy as you’re forced to cross dangerous terrain. You’ll be driving off of cliffs, climbing hills and crashing through crates that have clearly leaped right out of Angry Birds. Oh, and you’ll also be mowing down tons of zombies. Naturaly, the zombies and the environmental dangerous can do you harm so you’ll need to drive around them carefully. If you run out of gas it’s game over.

The controls are simple and there is no tutorial, but you wont need any instructions because the game is immediately approachable. Press the accelerator and you speed up (obvious right?) tap the other buttons and the car pitches. Simple.

As you play through Earn To Die you’ll gradually upgrade your car. o ustart with a real banger but as you earn that cash you can upgrade to a sweeter ride, as well as buying more gas, bigger wheels and accessories that allow you to customise your ride.

Earn To Die is a simple, fun and humorous indie game that will have you laughing. We’ve listed games like Earn to Die below. If you know of another game we should add to the list, leave a comment and we’ll gladly update the page. Thanks.


Games like Earn To Die

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