Games Like Fable and Mass Effect

The first of our games like Mass Effect is Fable and games like Fable. 

Fable 4 will be released as a launch title for XBOX 720 

Games like Fable share Mass Effects Decision Making and Morals

We said on the previous page that finding games like Mass Effect is far from easy simply because Mass Effect is so unique. Fable is one games which is like Mass Effect in some ways but not in others. Let’s talk about the way sin which the games are alike first.

Games in the Fable series (along with other games like Fable) share the same moral decision making as Mass Effect and the same deep story (though the story itself is massively different, both are deep and full of morals).

Quests in Fable each have their own sense of purpose, and they all tie together to make for a large and deep storyline. The decisions the player makes impact on the gaming experience in big ways, making you, the player, think much more than you do in a lot of games.

But then again, games like Fable don’t share the shooting aspect of Mass Effect. So, is Fable really a Mass Effect type of game? yes and no.

On the next page we’ll look at a game I personally find to be a little more like Mass Effect.  But first, here are a few . . .

Games like Fable:

Oblivion, Morrowind, Fallout 3, Dragon Age, The Witcher, Skyrim, 

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