Games like Fantage and Poptropica : Best Games for Kids

Fantage is definitely one of the best for kids and is so successful that there are now loads of games like Fantage available to play.

Games like Fantage create a safe environment for young gamers

A massively multiplayer online Role Playing, Fantage features large towns that players can explore. There are a ton of online games and other kinds of activities to get involved with too.

Of course, character creation is important to games like Fantage. You get to choose your character, creating your own avatar, their hair and clothes and other elements of their presentation.

After the game was released in 2008, it quickly became one of the most popular titles in the industry with over 15 million players. No wonder, then, that soon thereafter a whole ton of other games like Fantage started to emerge.

The popularity of Fantage is due to its combination of great character customisation (who doesn’t love building a character) and ton of games and other content. It’s also a little addictive thanks to starsYou collect stars as you play and you can spend them on pets and items.

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