25 Games like Final Fantasy Tactics

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About Final Fantasy Tactics

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Tactics is a strategy role playing game released in 1998. The game is, of course, based in the Final Fantasy universe but it’s more like a retro tactical RPG than any of the Final Fantasy games. Some of the Final Fantasy elements available in the game include jobs, magic and chocobos. The game takes the universe of its surrounding series and turns it into a turn based strategy game.

Gameplay in Final Fantasy Tactics revolves around a battle system. You’ll spend most of Final Fantasy Tactics fighting story driven battles while also exploring a map and developing your character.

The battle system in Final Fantasy Tactics is similar to the series but with added amphasis on turn based strategy. The fights take place in 3D isometric views with all sprites being 2D. After each battle you’ll travel along a world map, which is 2D and which is more a menu than anything else. You can move your character to any location on the map, visiting a town where you can buy weapons and items, and recruit new soldiers, before heading back out into battle.

Final Fantasy Tactics also incorporate a job system which determines how your stats, abilities and magic work.

For more great games like Final Fantasy Tactics, see our list below.

Games like Final Fantasy Tactics.

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