25 Games Like football Manager For Various Sports

Looking for more great games like Football Manager? See our list of games like football Manager below. Remember to vote for your favourite games and to share them so other fans of Football Manager know what to play next. 

Games like Football Manager

Football Manager is a management simulation game by Sega which began life way back in 1992 under the title Championship Manager. The games are designed to cover every aspect of being a manager of a football team. You’ll be engaged in the buying process, selecting the best prices for different players to gradually improve your team. You’ll also be responsible for the training of the players, making sure they are ready for their next match. When it comes time to actually play a match you’ll be responsible for choosing the best formation and the strategies that your team will employ. You’ll have to train your players in the specific strategies you want them to use so that they are ready to perform in the big match. And of course your progress will be monitored as you soar up the league. Games like Football Manager have been popular ever since the early 90s so there are lots of management games available for various sports. In the list below we have looked at games that include management, most games being based around sport but others using management-style gameplay for a different theme.

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