25 Games Like Freelancer

If you’re looking for more great games like Freelancer you’ll find precisely what you need in our complete list of games like Freelancer at the bottom of the page. In our list we’ve included space based simulation games for people who love that retro space exploration feel. 

About Freelancer

Freelancer is a classic space simulation game from 2003 that became a real classic in the genre through unique gameplay that included many features never before seen. The game is a sequel to Starlancer but because it is significantly better, most gamers remember Freelancer more than its predecessor.

Gameplay in Freelancer includes combat in space and trading. There is a great deal of depth to the gameplay which rewards practice and offers a genuine challenge. You pilot your own spacecraft and adventure through various star systems. On your way you’ll encounter many enemy ships and will also come across various trading opportunities that allow you to improve your spacecraft.

Freelancer is a neverending cycle of combat and upgrading as you seek to create the best spacecraft in the galaxy. There is also a multiplayer option that allows for 100 players to play in dedicated servers that were created long after the original game.

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Games like Freelancer

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