25 Games Like Game of Thrones

In our list of games like Game of Thrones we have included many of the best action based RPG games. You can find our complete list below. Please remember to vote for and share your favourite games so other gamers know what to play next. Thanks. 

About Games of Thrones the Game 

Game of Thrones is, of course, based around the TV series and book by George R.R. Martin. It is an action based role playing game and a TV adaptation. In the game you will encounter many unknown characters as well as the most popular characters from the TC show, including Queen Cersei, Varys and other characters. The game is slow paced action combat game that is designed to create the same sort of feeling as watching the TV series or reading the books. The story of the game follow two soldiers who served in Robert’s Rebellion but who have subsequently taken different paths. The game is long, at over 30 hours, and is full of many different side quests. The decisions you make in the game will also have a significant effect on the story. The playable characters are Mord Westford, a member of the Night Watch who fought against the Targaeryans in Robert Baratheon’s rebellion, and Alester Sarwyck of Thouse Saryck, who joined the Red Priests after abandoning his noble family.

Find more games like Games of Thrones in our list below, and if you want to help out, remember to share and to vote for your favourite games. Thanks.

Games like Game of Thrones

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