25 Games Like Gnomoria

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Games like Gnomoria

Gnomoria is a sandbox strategy game similar to Terraria. In the game you need to feed gnomes by making the most of agriculture, providing drinks, a brewery, making sure they aren’t attacked by various monsters and building a kingdom in which the gnomes can thrive. There’s tons of resource gathering, crafting and mining to be done, making for a fairly complex strategy game that is bound to thrill fans of the genre.

The gnomes each have different professions depending on precisely what it is you require them to do. You can change the professions of the gnomes at any time, but when you do so the gnomes will take a nap and will stop working on their current tasks. You can reduce their need for naps by making sure the gnomes have beds to sleep in. This also makes their work more productive. There are also custom professions that you can create by making a list of the various skills and assigning priority to them. You can then give this custom profession to a gnome in order to influence the work they are doing.

Gnomoria is an interesting and unique game and a fanstastic take on the strategy genre. For more great games like Gnomoria, see our list below.




Games like Gnomoria

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