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Happy Wheels is a game by video game developer Jim Bonacci, an entirely free to play browser based game which is slightly disturbing but also hilarious. When you register for Happy Wheels you’ll be able to save your replays and rate the levels you have played.

Happy Wheels is an ingenious and hilarious game in which you play through various utterly bizarre levels in which your own character and many other characters are basically torn apart limb from limb. The controls are very easy (plus they’re written at the bottom of the screen in case you get confused). The game relies on user generated content and every map has a different goal. In most of them you have to make it from one area to the next by using various modes of transport such as a tractor. the closest genre that Happy Wheels gets to is the racing genre, but honestly it should just be in the “What the f**k is this?!” genre. It’s the kind of game you really have to play for yourself. You can play Happy Wheels via the link below, and find more games like Happy Wheels in our list below.

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Games like Happy Wheels

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