Games Like Harvest Moon / Games Similar to Harvest Moon

In our list of games like Harvest Moon we’ll be looking at games in the life and farm simulation genres. If you’re looking for games similar to Harvest Moon, you’re about to find the very best.

Marvelous Interactive’s Harvet Moon games were first created in 1996 for the SNES. Despite being over 20 years old, the game still inspires many games similar to Harvest moon to this day, of which the following are the best.

Games Like Harvest Moon 1: Animal Crossing Wild World

Much like Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing games have a huge number of fans and have inspire many game developers. In Wild World you must carry out many farm jobs, including growing and collecting your crops. Wild World is one of the best simulation titles for Nintendo DS. In it you make friends, decorate your farm and celebrate various annual celebrations. Earn your money running your farm and turn it into the most successful farm in the world.

Games Like Harvest Moon 2: Rune Factory : Tides of Destiny

This farm simulation title is a lot like Harvest Moon. Tides of Destiny is for PS3 and Wii and was released las year. In it you adventure on an island finding the best soil for your crops. You’ll also encounter enemies, go fishing, making items and carry out various farming activities.

Games like Harvest Moon 3:Magician’s Quest Mysterious Times

This game is similar to Harvest Moon but has its own charming graphics style. It’s another game for Nintendo DS in which you play through a life simulation in a fantasy world. You’ll also earn a magician’s license and learn to use spells. The game combines adventure gaming with simulation for a fun and unique gaming experience.

Games similar to Harvest Moon 4: Shepherd’s Crossing

Another game that has a unique and charming graphical style, in Shepherd’s Crossing you find yourself on a mountain town trying to make your home by turning an abandoned farmhouse into a success. You’ll be performing numerous farming duties and will have to keep enemies and foes away from your livestock.

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