25 Games Like Heroes of Might and Magic


In our list below you’ll find all the best games like Heroes of Might and Magic. Remember to vote for your favorite games and to share them so other fans of Heroes of Might and Magic know what to play next.¬†

About Heroes of Might and Magic 

Heroes of Might and Magic games are tactics based combat games. You start with a hero and must battle in order to acquire new troops, then power them up. You take control of the hero and use him to fight, to gather resources and give bonuses to his growing number of troops. Your hero also has special abilities that can be used to help you in fights.

As you play your character gains experience and gradually becomes stronger, eventually becoming much more powrful than they were at the beginning. You start with a new hero when you begin a new scenario.

You also own a town which is crucial to your success. You can use the town to get gold and to spend it on military powers to make you more powerful. There are various different scenarios, such as capturing enemy towns, which help you to grow stronger.

In our list of games like Heroes of Might and Magic you’ll find many tactic based games with resource gathering, squads and quests. We encourage you to vote for your favorite games.

Games like Heroes of Might and Magic

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