25 Games Like Hill Climb Racing for PC, Android, iPad and More

In our list below you’ll find the best games like Hill Climb Racing for PC, Android, iPad and many other systems.

Hill climb Racing is a racing game which is highly addictive and extremely entertaining, using physics to create hilarious gameplay. You play as Newton Bill and you must use your driving skills to reach new levels by performing all kinds of daring tricks and strategic moves. But there are dangers aplenty. Not only can you run out of gas but you can also flip over and break Newton’s neck. You’ll earn points as you play and you can use these in order to upgrade your vehicle. The upgrades on offer include new parts for your engine, new tires, suspension and more. You’ll also be able to trade your car in for a completely different vehicle, including trucks, bikes, tanks and much more. Hill Climb Racing offer unique tracks and dangerous environments, ranging from the arctic to the dessert and even to the moon. This is a fun and funny game that is highly recommended. For more games like Hill climb Racing see below.

Games like Hill Climb Racing

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