Games Like Ib

This list of games like Ib contains many of the best Japanese style horror games in the world. All these games are certain to have you jumping out your seat thanks to their high scare-levels. Most of these games centre around puzzle gameplay in mysterious and spooky areas.


If you like games like Ib I’m sure you will LOVE THESE GAMES. 


Games Like Ib 1: The Witch’s House

The Witch’s House is a puzzle game that was created by independent game developer Fummy. In it, Viola goes to a sinister looking house in the woods where death is around every corner. She must escape, facing many horrors as she does so. 

Games Like Ib 2:  Hidden in the Shadows

This horror game is packed full of puzzles. There are dangers around every corner and you have absolutely no weapons to defend yourself with. You must escape or face certain doom.

Games like Ib 3: Desert Nightmare

This game is set in California and starts a girl called Sandra Richmont who is travelling with her family to meet her uncle. Her parents seem to abandon her early on. Now she is stranded. Desert Nightmare has received very positive reviews from horror game fans and is one of the best games like Ib.

Games like Ib 3: Schuld

In Schuld, you play a man who is living in a dying world that he finds himself in despite having no idea how he got there. Though the story is short and the puzzles are fairly easy, there’s a disturbing psychological edge to Schuld that makes it a scary and disturbing game.

Games like Ib 4: Yume Nikki

This independent game from 2004 has you journeying through the disturbing and surreal dreams of character Madotsuki. This is a twisted and surreal game unlike any other.


If you like games like Ib I’m sure you will LOVE THESE GAMES. 


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