25 Games Like Jade Empire

In our list of games like Jade Empire you will find the best classic style RPGs set in fantasy worlds. We encourage you to vote and to hare your favorite games, which will help to improve our list. 

About Jade Empire 

Jade Empire is a XBox game made by video game developer BioWare under video game publisher Microsoft Game Studios. Jade Empire is an epic adventure in which you pick one of many male and female characters to play before setting off on your adventure in the Jade Empire. From there on in you will be meeting and interacting many NPCs, some of which will join your party and become a selectable character. Jade Empire features an excellent combat system that takes place in real time. you pick various actions and your character acts them out. The combat is based upon martial arts styles, which is cool because you get to learn a bit of culture while you play. There are also various weapon techniques and magical abilities.

Jade Empire is a traditional role playing game through and through. You pick your character, customise their stats, go through a tutorial, gain experience points, increase your stats and become an all powerful warrior. Classic role playing game action.

There are three main stats in the game: body, mind and spirit. These control Chi, Health and Focus. You may have noticed by now that Jade Empire has spiritual and cultural overtones. This helps to add an additional dimension to the game. There are also many cool extra features like Bullet Time and Focus mode.

All in all, Jade Empire is a classic RPG that fans of the genre will love. See below for more games like Jade Empire.

Games Like Jade Empire

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